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How To Choose A Domain Name!

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Today You Will Learn How To Choose A Domain Name For Your Business

How To Choose A Domain Name? Here Is Some Tips That Will Help You Choose Your Perfect Domain Name

Don't get overwhelmed when it comes to choosing your domain name. You don't have to call in the panel or phone a friend. Breathe my little Quack Builders! I'm going to guide you through this with some tips that helped me to come up with my own domain name, how's that? To do this perfectly you have to think smart and not hard. Doing it the Quack Blogger way will ensure that you business owners out there will be able to confidently choose a domain name by following these tips!

The big question everyone want to know is how to choose a domain name right?
Well here are some more helpful tips.

Avoid Exact Match Domains or EMD's
Make it brandable
Create a domain name that's easy to spell
Keep it short and sweet
Create a domain name that people can say
.com is the best!!!
Make sure people can figure out what your site is about through the name
Make it permanent
Use a domain name generator for more ideas
Modify the name if you truly need to

Avoid Exact Match Domains or EMD's

I know the whole point of choosing your domain is to have people find your online store but there are better ways to do it in 2020 than the good old EMD. Just in case you were lost in the webs, they went out with the old way back in 2012 when google changed the algorithm to reduce the low-quality domains that were swinging their way at the top. Can you imagine having searched for "the best food near you" in your search engine and before you see or the first sites you see look like I don't know about you but that domain looks super sketchy and I don't think that I'd find the food that I'm looking for if I were to visit it. Don't get me wrong, it is ok to have keywords in your domain name if it makes sense but do not overindulge in keywords.

How To Choose A Domain Name That Fits Your Business Make it Brandable

Just like everything else you did involving your online store branding is at the top of the list! When you think of how to choose a domain name, act like it's the grand opening of your store and you see the name sitting at the top nice and bold right before you cut the ribbon to welcome everyone in. It's the first impression and the thing that people will remember you by when they leave your website and when they come back. Make it unique and memorable so it stands out to your consumers. Companies like and are great examples of what I'm talking about. As long as it's relevant to what your website has to offer than you're on the right track. If you've already built your website then you should be a pro at branding by now.

Choose a Domain Name That's Easy to Spell

I don't know how many times I've run into a friend or colleague in passing who had a product or something that they wanted me to check out. I'm in a hurry and may have left my phone in the car so I can't physically take any information so I try to remember it until I get back to the car. When I finally get around to "the search" I remember the domain name so I type it in but nothing looks familiar (except those EMD sites I told yall to stay away from earlier) even when I modify the spelling. The problem with is that it could be spelled or or........ well, you get the picture. Don't judge me, I'm not a bad friend, she wasn't from school or work so I never knew how to spell her name. Saying this to say that if I have to do all of that just to find your website, you better consider it lost! To put it plain and simple, your site should be easy to spell and remember.

Keep Your Domain Name Short & Sweet

This is where you narrow down all of the fun, trendy, unique, bold word combinations down to a few. Refrain from using hyphens, dashes, numbers and any other symbols when choosing your domain name. Make everything come together into a short catchy combination.

How To Choose A Domain Name Customers Can Remember?
Choose a Domain Name That People Can Say

Make it fun to roll off of the tongue. The more people love to say it the more they will remember your name and the power of word-of-mouth will be an organic tool for your domain just because people love saying it. Make it easy to say for everyone who is involved in your niche.

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How To Choose A Domain Name? With Domain Icann

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